Past Event: Dr. Kim TallBear February 24th

Ecologies of Social Difference and the Social Justice Institute present:
Dr. Kim TallBear, University of Alberta.
Making Love and Relations Beyond Settler Sexualities

When: Wednesday February 24th, noon
Where: Jack Bell Room 028

This talk—a developing theoretical intervention—will serve as a provocation to think through the entangled politics of ethical non-monogamy, nurturing extended family and tribal kin formations, and critiques of marriage as integral to the settler colonial project. This examination conceives of indigenous kin making—even that which is seen as disrupted by colonialism and trauma—as a set of practices that are potentially more “environmentally sustainable,” as that is broadly conceived. The speaker invites the audience to think through these entangled issues with her.

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Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
Ecologies of Social Difference Social Justice

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