Jessica Dempsey

Jessica Dempsey is an assistant professor in the Department of Geography studying the political ecologies of biodiversity conservation, including the intersection between economics, markets and conservation. Her forthcoming book Enterprising Nature (Wiley-Blackwell) traces attempts to produce natures that can literally pay their own way; other work with explores how nonhuman bodies, communities and systems contribute to capitalist value production – as commodities but also through their unpriced, and often unvalued work. Jessica is interested in how biodiversity conservation perpetuates and destabilizes colonial rule and capitalist accumulation, in exploring how conservation intersects with and disrupts other social hierarchies and processes. Her research draws from and contributes to diverse methodological approaches and literatures including political ecology, economic geography, feminist science studies, and increasingly, green finance.

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Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
Ecologies of Social Difference Social Justice

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